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One of the most striking discoveries in heavy-ion induced reactions was the observation by Braun-Munzinger et al. [1] of anomalously large yields at backward angles in heavy-ion elastic and inelastic scattering. 

ABSTRACT — Preliminary data using the cathode induced charge method to study the self-quenching streamer (SQS) mode are reported. Very strong and reliable anisotropy has been detected. Several characteristics of these streamers are considered from the point of view of the physics of long sparks.  

ABSTRACT — We present a simple model for a system of static bare nucleon and bare delta, coupled linearly to a non-self-interacting pion cloud. 

ABSTRACT — Computer calculations of various properties related to the behaviour of perfect crystals at high strains were undertaken using a pairwise potential approach. 

ABSTRACT —It is shown how RBS/Channeling, SEM and LAMMA techniques can be combined in the surface characterization and analysis of scandium single crystals for channeling experiments. Scandium oxide layers and iron rich particles have been identified and conclusions about the solid solubility of iron in scandium are given.

ABSTRACT — The recent appearance of markedly different non-overlapping ranges for the first correction exponent of undirected lattice animals in 2 and 3 dimensions is examined. 

ABSTRACT — The Kβ /Kα X-ray intensity ratios were measured in some pure elements belonging to the 3d shell as well as in their compounds, to look for the influence of the chemical environment on the fluorescence yield ratios. 

ABSTRACT —Astudy of critical behaviour in SbSBr is presented and compared with reported data. 

ABSTRACT — Dielectric constant, polarization and pyroelectric coefficient of ferroelectric TGS are investigated near the phase transition. 

ABSTRACT — Structure factors for the hexagonal Laves phase TiMn, have been measured by X-ray diffraction, using Mo-Kα radiation. 

ABSTRACT — The paper reports and discusses measurements on the Rayleigh scattering of He-Ne radiation (632.8nm), at room temperature, by phytol and phytyl acetate, as well as by several organic solvents. 

ABSTRACT — Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) provides a useful tool not only as a probe of local structure and short range order in glasses but also of magnetic interactions in the glasses containing suitable magnetic ions. 

ABSTRACT — This paper describes a primary electron collision ion (Nier) source for producing an 02molecular beam, which is used in experiments to study harpooning transitions in the interaction of 02+, with a Ag (111) surface. 

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