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ABSTRACT — An attempt is made to describe the nucleon — nucleon interaction in a non — relativistic situation. Explicit expressions are obtained using a non — perturbative method appropriate to the wave packet which describes moving particles. 

ABSTRACT — The fundamental properties of liquid argon, krypton and xenon required from a point of view of radiation detector media, such as W-values, Fano factors, electron drift velocities, etc., have been measured during the past decade. These results are summarized and the author’s considerations for its physical understanding are presented. Also, the possibilities of application of these liquids to nuclear radiation detectors are discussed. 

ABSTRACT —Two estimates for the variance σ2(I) of repeatedly measured integrated intensities I are given, one based on the sample variance the other one based on Poisson statistics. 

Abstract— Heat capacity and magnetization measurements have been made on LaPd3, PrPd3, TbPd3, and ErPd3

ABSTRACT — New lattice data on configurational histograms are given for bond and site clusters grouped by fixed percolation perimeter, fixed energy perimeter and fixed cluster size. The latter are illustrated by several combinations of interest of cyclomatic number discriminations.  

ABSTRACT — Finite range effects in heavy ion transfer reactions are discussed using a previously developed formalism where the bound state wave functions are represented by the asymptotic spherical Hankel functions, Using the asymptotic approximation and a local recoil momentum a DWBA computer code was developed wich has the simplicity of a zero-range program and allows the inclusion of finite range and recoil effects. Good agreement is obtained with results from full finite range calculations for one nucleon transfer reactions. The effects of the Coulomb terms in the interaction are discussed. 

ABSTRACT — With a He-jet transport system at UNISOR, the absolute cross section for the 12C induced reactions on 64Zn and 58Ni targets from 64 to 93 MeV were obtained from the yields for γ-rays from the decays of the resulting radioactivities.

ABSTRACT — The susceptibility of three alloys of Ag Mn (c = 4.96, 6.35 and 13.00 at %) has been investigated around its maximum in terms of a distribution of blocking temperatures. 

ABSTRACT —A new type of force magnetometer was designed and built. It can detect forces down to 10-4 dynes and the design enables measurement of weak and strong magnetic moments, with a resolution better than one part in 105

ABSTRACT — The velocity and attenuation of a 5 MHz surface acoustic wave have been measured in polycrystalline Al, Gd and Tb as a function of temperature from 300-200 K. 

ABSTRACT —his note reports uniaxial stress measurements on the 27084 cm-1 and 26942 cm-1 zero phonon absorption lines in type I2 diamond. The centre where these transitions occur is shown to be trigonal. 

ABSTRACT — The N2 band, which is partly responsible for the yellow colour of many natural diamonds is shown to correlate in strength with the well-known N3 band, and to occur at a centre with the same symmetry. 

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