Volume 20 / Fascículo 1-4
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ABSTRACT -Using several different electron paramagnetic probes we have studied the phase transitions of two lipids with transition temperatures both well above and well below 0 C in lipid-water mixtures: ...

ABSTRACT. A study of effective atomic numbers of tissue equivalent compounds has been carried out in the energy region 1 to 100 MeV for electrons and ions. 

ABSTRACT-The knowledge of the present day temperature distribution within a basin is important both as a constraint for thermal evolution models, and as an indication of the processes that may have governed the thermal state of the basin through time. 

ABSTRACT-Undoped and doped hydrogenated amorphous/microcrystalline silicon-carbon films 

ABSTRACT -This work deals with transport and structural properties of undoped and doped a-Si:H films produced by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition techniques and their dependence on deposition conditions. 

ABSTRACT-.Assuming that the Earth's core consists of a nickel-iron oxide, which is certainly a semi-conductor, some relevant electrical properties of such material are presently discussed. Under convenient conditions, the actual geomagnetic field can be generated by a small rotation of the solid inner core in relation to the mantle. 

ABSTRACT-In this paper we use the variational Gutzwiller wave function to study the effects of the Coulomb electronic repulsive correlations on the plasma frequency and spin magnetic susceptibility of the Hubbard chain. 

ABSTRACT-A technique to calculate the coupling between mesons, in the framework of the Nambu-JonaLasinio model is proposed. 

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