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Beaucoup de structures physiques peuvent étre décrites comme formées d’“iles” aléatoires. ...

ABSTRACT —his paper aims to review mostly rigorous results on frustrated Ising systems and present a unified approach to the statistical mechanics of frustrated systems. 

ABTRACT — The β+/EC decay of 181Au has been studied with mass separated sources from the ISOCELE facility. 

ABSTRACT — A general discussion is given of the effects of the a- particle D-state in (d, α) and (α, d) reactions. 

ABSTRACT — Based on the local equilibrium assumption and taking as wave function a Slater determinant, the equations of motion and boundary conditions for the first sound are obtained from a variational derivation based on the quantum mechanical lagrangian, 

ABSTRACT —In this paper we discuss the influence of a magnetic field of the form Bz =B0

ABSTRACT —A description of the defect structure of a pure metal oxide MOγ with Schéttky disorder in equilibrium with a surrounding oxygen
gas phase is presented. 

ABSTRACT — Lattice data on configurational histograms are given for three dimensional undirected bond (site) clusters according to cycle discriminations and for directed lattice animals with both perimeter and cycle discriminations. 

The relevant set of symmetry operations on the Potts spins, taking q possible values, is not the whole permutation group of q objects but the q dimensional cyclic group ...

BSTRACT — The equations that give the misfit dislocation content of an arbitrary interface are derived from a general formulation of the coincidence site lattice model of crystalline interfaces. 

ABSTRACT — The correlation between the adiabatic splitting AV (Rc) and the crossing distance Rc for one electron transfer processes is analysed. 

ABSTRACT — Temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity ...


ABSTRACT — The ferro-paraelectric phase transition of SbSI has been studied by using very accurate measurements of spontaneous polarization and dielectric constant as a function of the temperature. 

ABSTRACT — Previous work on decay of triplet states of aromatic molecules in the vapour phase is reviewed and the possible role of local modes in the decay of such systems is followed by studying triplet yields ...

ABSTRACT — We present some results of a study of the propagation of nonlinear wavepackets in a plasma strip-line system, which can be described as a nonlinear dispersive transmission line. 

ABSTRACT — Field-effect measurements were performed at several temperatures in hydrogenated amorphous silicon ...

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